Season 17 Rules

Season 17 will have a ladder format. This is so that people can play at their own pace without the concern for a weekly commitment that potentially holds up the league or leads to concedes for undesirable matchups that just feed one team spp. Season 17 will therefore have the following rules:

  • Season 17 is open to regular or mixed teams

    • Team must have originated in Beantown​

  • A coach can only have one team active in the Season ladder at any time, and any team which is withdrawn during the season may not return

    • This allows replacement of a team that becomes busted or has a concede​

  • Concedes for any reason will disqualify a team from playoffs

    • Don't start a match you will not finish

    • Concedes feed the non-conceding team and skew the league results​

    • A second concede will eliminate a coach from the ladder all together

  • Teams entered into the ladder may not be greater than 1500 total Team Value as determined by their team members, including MNG players, loners required to achieve 11 players (the most expensive lineman possible for a mixed team) and the team's bank.

  • The season will consist of two, month and a half long rounds during which a coach can play any other coach no more than once. 

    • That means you can play each coach a maximum of two times after the 3 months, just not more than once in each month and half round.​

    • You are responsible for arranging your matches and can play as little or as much as opponents will agree to, within the limit of once per round for each other opponent

  • Any team that plays a coach more than once in a round will be disqualified from playoffs​

    • Make sure and announce your game in the discord so that you don't get accidentally paired with someone you already played.​

  • Rank points for a team will be determined by:​

    • +3 for a win​

    • +1 for a draw

    • +1 for causing 3 casualties (not pushouts or fouls) in a single match

    • +1 for scoring 3 TDs in a single match

    • +1 for holding your opponent to 0 TDs in a single match

    • +1 per 200 TV lower than your opponent in a single match, determined by the TV reflected in Mordrek's data

  • Playoffs will be 4 or 8 players at the end of season (determined by my final decision based on league activity throughout the season) and will be determined by Rank Points first, then tie break by TD difference, then a second tie break based on total TDs.​ Only teams in the ladder at the end of the season are eligible for playoffs.

This format has some interesting consequences. The game will not match teams with greater than 500 TV difference so that is a hard limit that I can do nothing about. Since matches are not strictly required to be played, it is good to be on good terms with other league members as they can simply avoid your game, leaving you with a reduced chance to earn rank points. Also, newer teams can play each other first under this format before playing the more established teams. The lack of weekly turns also means that should you hit a rough spot where you cannot play for a week, you also will have the time available to make up for the lost time.


Season 17 Round 2 will end July 15th, 2021 at 5 pm EDT


Season 17

Beantown Historical Records

Hall of Fame

Season 1 Orks from Ork (orcs, Visanth)

Season 2 Orks from Ork (orcs, Visanth)

Season 3 Portughese Breakfast (orcs, The_Jake_1973)

Season 4 S.C.Y.T.H.E. [BT] (dark elves, Octavius)

Season 5 The Grateful Un-dead (undead, Maniacal Mike)

Season 6 U Like Pr0n? (dwarves, Licker34)

Season 7 BDSMers in Beantown (dark elves, Hairy Coo)

Season 8 U Like Pr0n? (dwarves, Licker34)

Season 9 Everyone lost...

Season 10 In the name of SCIENCE!, (nurgle, DMAN222)

Season 11 Ferrus Fanatics, (chaos dwarf, ultrasmurf)

Season 12 In the name of SCIENCE!, (nurgle, DMAN222)

Season 13 Feanor's Fury, (Elven Union, Visanth)

Season 14 Stardust Nurglesaders, (Nurgle, Ulric Von Orc)

Season 15 [BD] Kill Alll Menz, (Chaos, Darth Physicist)

Season 16 Hackenslash Headrotters, (Chaos Dwarf, Zeebus)

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