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DP Modding

Character Creation

To Properly setup our map character creation, we need to make some blueprints and access a few tables. We will need to do the following:

  • Create a blueprint that is parented to CharacterCreationActor

  • Create an Animation Blueprint that is parented to AB_CharacterCreation

  • Place an empty Actor in a level with the tag, CharacterCreationActor

  • Place a reference in our MapDataTable to the CharacterCreationActor Blueprint we created

  • Place ConanPlayerStart Actors everywhere we want players to be able to spawn with unique names

  • Create and Merge a MapsSpawnLocations table that contains the list of player spawn points

Character Creation Actor Blueprint

The first thing we need is a blueprint that is parented to CharacterCreationActor. Right click in a folder where you want to create your blueprint in the Content Browswer. We want a new blueprint, and then it should be of class CharacterCreationActor. After clicking the class, press "select" and then name your blueprint something logical, like XX_CCActor where XX is a prefix related to your mod name (or whatever, it's just a name).


This Blueprint is how we will set our character creation scene. You can add static mesh components, lights, particles, whatever to this blueprint and it will appear around the character during creation. One thing I always do (but probably isn't strictly required) is to scroll down in the Details panel to the Actor section, and add the tag "CharacterCreationActor". Your scene should be constructed relative to the upper male skeletal mesh and the bottom female skeletal mesh. 


There are a few things to note. In the details panel, under Default, there is the opening cinematic male and female. You probably want to clear these if you are making your own map and don't want to use the opening sequence of Conan helping you off the cross. Second, you can manipulate the position of the cameras to account for the local landscape when sweeping in from choice of sex. Also, if your scene does not have something under the male's feet, you may see the female skeletal mesh which will look odd. At first, just leave the cameras alone until you have everything in place and then can make adjustments for optimal placement. Once you're done editing the CCActor, compile and save.

Character Creation Animation Blueprint

Just like before, we want an Animation blueprint of parent class "AB_CharacterCreation". Search for AB_CharacterCreation, then click on the SK_Human_Skeleton in the bottom to select it, then hit OK. Then rename your blueprint to something like XX_AB_CCActor, or some such. Now open the blueprint and look at the right hand panel where it says "Asset Override Editor". Here you can see a list of animations where you can assign various poses for your character during creation. You probably want to just set them all to the same pose, but I assume mixing them up is useful at some point... I have just never found a use... Once you have your animations chosen, compile and save. 


Now, open your CCActor blueprint and click on the SkeletalMeshComponent in the components tab. You should now see on the right side of the screen a section where you can choose the animation blueprint to use. This is where you reference the XX_AB_CCActor we just created. Add the blueprint, compile and save.


Placing the Empty Actor


In the level where you want to have your character creation, place an empty actor and give it the Actor tag, "CharacterCreationActor". The location of this actor will be the spot that uses the CCActor Blueprint you already created. That's all you have to do at this step; drag and empty actor, add the tag, and orient the actor to suit your scene.

MapDataTable Entry

In your mapdatatable, find the "Character Creation Class" for your map and reference your CCActor. That's it.


Place a ConanPlayerStart

Place a BP_ConanPlayerStart in the world (In the Persistent Level is probably the best) at the locations where you want players to be able to spawn. You can have one, or a bunch, but they all need a reference. Just drag and drop it into the world, but pay attention to the bounding box. The player will spawn somewhere inside this box, so make sure it doesn't extend beneath the mesh, or they could spawn below and fall to infinity... and beyond. Similarly, you can shrink the bounds to constrain the spawnpoint. In every ConanPlayerStart you use, give them a unique Player Start Tag to reference in the MapsSpawnLocation Table.


MapsSpawnLocation Table

Now We need to create a table of type "Map Spawners". In the table create a new entry and give it some unique number (high so it doesn't conflict with anything pedestrian...) as the Row Name. Now give the level a name (doesn't matter as far as I can tell what it's called). Now create a custom spawn point for each ConanPlayerStart you used and for each one, give it some localization text that will show when the player chooses it, and reference the tags in each possible spawn point.


After you have placed all your spawn points, you can take a picture using a screen grab and reference the icon and large icon for that personal touch in character creation and respawn after death. Lastly, check the boxes to make them as Available for character creation and as first time spawns. The final step is to merge this table with MapsSpawnLocations in your Mod Controller.

That's it!

If you did all of the above, your character creation should be all set! Of course, check by pulling your bracelet in editor and as always, make sure and test it in game. Now that it should be working, you can add static meshes, move them around, add particles, etc and adjust the camera for your unique introduction of the player to your map.

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