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Rounds for the regular season are 1 week, no more. In the past if a game was guaranteed to be played by a certain time on the following day, I would make an exception but those days are done. It tended to create a rolling delay as the people who have a hard time getting their game in routinely were simply displacing their game time into the following week. My advice is to get your game scheduled as soon as the round rolls, which when everyone knows there will be no extension, usually happens early on Sunday. Any time the round rolls early, the due date is still with respect to the original round roll date and time which results in more time for a given week. Mixed competitions do not have a fixed roll date/time as it is an extra competition for those participating in the regular season and takes a back seat in priority. If a mixed round drags on for too long however, I reserve the right to issue draws and move the round forward.

Season 11 Round 2 ends

Mon 9/2 at 5pm EDT 

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