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Welcome to Beantown! We are a Boston based Blood Bowl 2 league and have been going strong for 10 seasons. We currently have a mixed competition in addition to our regular season and ladder.


I gave up trying to police behavior. The rules below are all there is unless there is some massive sea change. The only rule that I think people have a hard time with is #2 but the reason is quite simple. If a game is not played, no one earned a "win" compared to the games that did play, and no casualties were risked or real TDs scored. It's pretty irritating frankly to have to moderate between two players where both think the other was unavailable so the rule just makes it cut and dry. Sure if you want to avoid a player you can by just not playing them, but nothing is perfect and if someone continually games the system in such a way, nothing stops me from telling them to seek their Blood Bowl elsewhere. All the others are pretty functional, workman rules that honestly could have been something else just as easily.

  1. 1 Week turns, no exceptions.

  2. Unplayed games will be issued draws.

  3. No participating team can have played outside of Beantown.

  4. Any Beantown team may enter the regular season as long as it has <50 games played at season start.

  5. Regular Season will be Wissen or Round Robin.

  6. Teams may play in the ladder before or after the Regular Season.

  7. A KO Tournament will be held each season to crown a winner after the regular season.

  8. The regular season and KO tournament combined may take a team over the total of 50 games.

  9. All rules follow what is permitted by the Blood Bowl 2 client (Concedes, Fouls, etc) except no mixed or custom teams in the regular season (no custom in ladder either).

  10. Disconnects may be reset at the opponent's request.


Rounds for the regular season are 1 week, no more. In the past if a game was guaranteed to be played by a certain time on the following day, I would make an exception but those days are done. It tended to create a rolling delay as the people who have a hard time getting their game in routinely were simply displacing their game time into the following week. My advice is to get your game scheduled as soon as the round rolls, which when everyone knows there will be no extension, usually happens early on Sunday. Any time the round rolls early, the due date is still with respect to the original round roll date and time which results in more time for a given week. Mixed competitions do not have a fixed roll date/time as it is an extra competition for those participating in the regular season and takes a back seat in priority. If a mixed round drags on for too long however, I reserve the right to issue draws and move the round forward.

Season 13 round 3 turns on

Monday 3/30 at 5pm EDT 

Coach List


Top 8 advances to playoffs after the regular season ends. Rankings are sorted first by points, then by TD+/- and finally by TD+. In the event of a tie at slot 8, the coach who advances will be determined by either a friendly if it can be arranged on short notice, or coin flip administered by me.

Season 13

Last Match Results

Hall of Fame

Season 1 Orks from Ork (orcs, Visanth)

Season 2 Orks from Ork (orcs, Visanth)

Season 3 Portughese Breakfast (orcs, The_Jake_1973)

Season 4 S.C.Y.T.H.E. [BT] (dark elves, Octavius)

Season 5 The Grateful Un-dead (undead, Maniacal Mike)

Season 6 U Like Pr0n? (dwarves, Licker34)

Season 7 BDSMers in Beantown (dark elves, Hairy Coo)

Season 8 U Like Pr0n? (dwarves, Licker34)

Season 9 ?!

Season 10 In the name of SCIENCE!, (nurgle, DMAN222)

Season 11 Ferrus Fanatics, (chaos dwarf, ultrasmurf)

Season 12 In the name of SCIENCE!, (nurgle, DMAN222)


Team Win Rate Comparison

Only regular season games are entered into the league statistics and in the past, only Wissen, Round Robin and playoffs tournaments were included. No ladder matches have ever been included in these totals. Win percentage treats draws as half a win so a record of 1-2-1 would be a 50% win rate.

Key to meaningful data are error bars. If I put up only the raw percentages, it would be very misleading data indeed. It's important to include the sampling error based on the relatively small number of games (even 300 is still a small sample). It is interesting to note that the teams with smaller errors (i.e. more games played) are driving to near 50% which was the intent of the creators, with some teams targeted higher and others lower.

As of now, what can be stated justifiably is limited. Teams are consistent with a 50% win rate with the exception of Skaven, High Elves, Goblins and Ogres.

Claims supported by Data:

(for competitive environments where coach rank is considered in Beantown, non-ladder)

High Elves perform worse than Skaven and Necromantic

Goblins and Ogres perform worse than Elven Union, Nurgle, Skaven, Lizardmen, Chaos Dwarves, Necromantic, Undead, Dwarves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Chaos, and Orcs

Ogres perform worse than Amazons.

Beantown is an unoffical Blood Bowl II league and is not affiliated with Games Workshop, Focus Home Interactive or Cyanide Studios.

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