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Unsolicited Comment

What this site is not

Anyone who has seen the site in the past might recall that the site used to contain suggestions and rules summaries on the game of Blood Bowl and might be wondering, "where did it all go?" In a cathartic moment of house cleaning I deleted every bit of content for some very specific reasons.

You don't need it

Anyone playing the game who wants to win will undoubtedly study guides, watch games and figure out what makes the team they like tick. People will always argue about the best way to win and much of it is obvious and has been stated in many places ad nauseum, and you don't need to hear it from me here. If you don't care about winning and just want to have fun, you also don't need me to tell you how to play the game because you just don't give a damn. The point is I'm not going to reproduce what others have already done and quite frankly, it is all fairly pointless as the game is just not that complicated anyway. Winning a game is highly situational and any advice beyond "minimize risk, maximize TV efficiency" will not be generally applicable across all teams and environments. The truth is "it depends" and beyond that, its pretty much all a bunch of hot air.

I don't care

Anymore, I'm playing the game and managing Beantown because I like doing it and have a way that I view the game and how it should be played, and I really don't care much about what goes on outside of it. I've hosted a World Cup Qualifying competition in addition to our regular league and what it taught me is that there are a LOT of try-hards out there that think that somehow playing Blood Bowl is going to lead to some kind of greatness. The whole idea makes me a bit sick to my stomach and I want no part of it. If there was another World Cup I might host a competition if invited but I seriously doubt it. 

What it's about

As far as I'm concerned, the game is about friendly, fun competition and that varies from place to place. American leagues are different than the European leagues which I'm sure are different than other leagues and anyone who spends time with us weirdos in Beantown will quickly get a feel for the vibe. There are those of us who love it, wouldn't trade it, and will vigorously defend it, and then there are those that find it grating and annoying. To the latter I say there are many places to play Blood Bowl and more power to you. You can have your rigid, divisioned systems with committees of admins and if you like that kind of thing, I wish you all the best. Beantown is a place of crude jokes, friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) banter, and an irreverent approach to the game. I personally keep running statistics as I'm a bit curious about the math, but if you are looking for a serious attitude taken towards a game with orc cheerleaders in pasties, that's not us.

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